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Ship Management

Ship Management

Scorpa Pranedya has over 43 years of experience as an owner-operator of Oil, Chemical and Gas tankers operating in South East Asia.


Our expert team provides Marine and Technical management services for ship owners, and charterers of our company-owned vessels with a focus on delivery delivering reliable, transparent and cost-effective solutions.


In addition, Ship Management teams work closely with our Crewing department to offer charterers and principals’ a turn key solution which can be relied upon to ensure safety and operational performance are delivered at or beyond approved levels.


Our core expertise is operating 17-20k DWT shallow draft product tankers flying under the Singapore, Indonesian and Panamanian colors.

Marine Section

This section is responsible for Marine & Safety matters, prevention of marine casualty & pollution, safety operations of the ships and improvement in efficiencies.

As such, they are accountable for the implementation of new rules and international regulations over the safety operation of the ships, the crew and the cargoes. A primary focus of ouur Marine team is to ensure our seagoing and shore staff are well versed in safe operation protocals. Arrangement of any Administration, Class and Major Oil surveys also fall under the Marine Section’s purvue.


Technical Section

The Technical Section is responsible for planning, conversion works, repair and maintenance of the ships. They oversee hull machineries including application of relevant laws related to technical specifications, ensuring our vessels meet the requirements of Administration Authorities at all times. This includes dealing with Classification Societies over any temporary repairs, the acquisition of necessary Certificates of Fitness, and links to a wide range of Makers and Insurance Companies.


Our Technical section are also experienced managing:

  • Ship building 

  • Vessel dry docking

  • Tanker docking specifications

  • Terminal inspection

  • ENOC SIRE inspection

  • SHELL SIRE Inspection

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Established in 1978, Scorpa Pranedya (SP) has over 40 years of experience operating in the maritime sector as owners, operators and service providers.


PT Scorpa Pranedya

Menara Sudirman Building,

7th floor, Suite A & D

Jl Jend. Sudirman, Kav.60,

Jakarta 12190

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